Admission Standards


Admission standards help the school and parents ensure that there can be a reasonable expectation students will have a successful learning experience. God has established the parent as the primary influence in shaping the outlook and personality of the child. This influence must be pro-Christian. The school must ascertain, as far as possible, that the applicant and parents are in alignment with the Christian education philosophy and policies of PCCS. If a parent is not supportive of the school, the school may dismiss the student.


  • The school must be able to meet the child's spiritual, educational, social, emotional, and physical needs.
  • At least 1 parent must have a desire and commitment  to educate his child in the knowledge, understanding, and application of Biblical truth in living according to God's will.
  • At least 1 parent and the student must have regular attendance at a church whose beliefs and practices are in agreement with PCCS's Statement of Faith.
  • The parents and student must be willing to follow the policies and procedures of PCCS.
  • Age requirements as of September 1: 3 years old for pre-k and 5 years old for kindergarten.


We evaluate applications and conduct interviews throughout the year. Contact us to receive an application or schedule an interview. We can also arrange a tour of the campus and introduce prospective students and their parents to members of our administration.